Author: Lance Elworth

  • Node Aliases for Globally Installed Packages on Mac

    Recently I posted on how globally installed node packages are added to the Windows command prompt. Today I look at the same for Mac. Unlike on Windows, there is no output for “whereis ng”. Examining the path (“echo $PATH”) provides /usr/local/bin. In this folder are many links, including many for node packages. For example, npm […]

  • Node Aliases for Globally Installed Packages on Windows

    I was curious how that after globally installing a node package using npm, I was able to run new commands such as “ng” at the command prompt in Windows. Where did npm download these packages to? How did these new commands get injected into the standard command prompt. The first place I looked was Google, […]

  • Show Available NPM Package Versions

    Since I have been working with node and npm, I find myself updating packages and dealing with package dependencies. It is helpful to see a list of all versions currently published in npm for a given package. Here is the syntax: npm show <package-name> versions Example > npm show bootstrap-css-only versions [ ‘2.3.2-1’, ‘2.3.2’, ‘3.3.5’, […]

  • My Migration To Mac – Part 2

    It has been two years now since I switched from using a Lenovo laptop to a MacBook Pro. Here are my impressions over the couple years since I switched. Overall I am happy with my decision. One of my main goals was to see what it was like living on the other side. Not only have I […]

  • OneDrive and Mac

    Microsoft has been giving love to Apple users since Nadella took the reigns three years ago. Office 2016 was released to Mac slightly ahead of Windows, it worked(!), and is basically the same version as Windows users get. Also along the way Office was released for iOS and Visual Studio Code and .Net core were […]

  • Unlock your desktop with Apple Watch

    Update: I just discovered that when enabling this you loose the ability to use Find Friends in the notifications area.   I was excited for the release of Mac OS Sierra. One of the main features I couldn’t wait to try out was unlocking my desktop using my Apple Watch. Apple calls this feature Auto Unlock and I was […]

  • My Migration to Mac – Part 1

    February 13, 2015 My laptop died recently, and I began an impromptu search for a replacement. I was hoping to get another year or two from my old system, waiting until new systems designed for Windows 10 were available. But my venerable Lenovo W510 didn’t make it that far, dying from a system board failure. I […]

  • Make SharePoint Designer 2013 ISO from Executable (EXE)

    In virtualized environments it is common to install software from mounted ISOs, however with SharePoint Designer (2013 and 2010) Microsoft provides only self-contained executables, such as from their public download site: (This is the link to the 2013 RTM release, not the preview versions) I will give you the steps I use to create […]

  • Don’t mix up your HTML and ASPX comments, and keep your code clean

    At a client recently I came across a strange problem with a 2007 page layout not working under SharePoint 2010. My troubleshooting uncovered many issues in the environment (with content types and page layout properties), but the root cause of the problem was a bug caused by the misuse of comments. The page layout had […]

  • SharePoint Branding Article

    I have authored an article on SharePoint branding which has recently been published in Coyote Creek’s October 2011 Newsletter. Check out my article and Mike Faster’s poignant take on off-shoring. The SharePoint article is based on my experience including recent projects at Silicon Image Inc., Rosendin Electric Inc., and Trimble Navigation Limited. I would like […]