Author: Lance Elworth

  • Managing SharePoint 2010 Access Request Settings Via PowerShell

    SharePoint has a built-in mechanism to manage access requests. Users can request access to sites and documents when they are denied access, or they can request additional privileges to update content if they only have read access. The requests go to one or more email addresses which are defined at the site level. The definitions […]

  • How to drop many databases which share a common prefix

    I recently used AutoSPInstaller to deploy 2010 into a production farm. It provides a great way to automate and reproduce installations. As a great side benefit, it creates all SharePoint databases with the same prefix. After a few runs in a lab environment, I wanted to clean up old SQL databases. Using SSMS to delete […]

  • SharePoint 2010 SP1 has been released

    This morning Microsoft published SharePoint 2010 SP1 to their download sites. Many of the related TechNet sites haven’t been updated yet, but this link will take you to many of the downloads:

  • SharePoint 2010 My Inbox and My Calendar Web Parts

    If you are having problems with the My Inbox and My Calendar web parts on SharePoint 2010, and you are using Exchange 2010, check for these potential issues: Have you deployed Exchange SP1 on your CAS server hosting Outlook Web App? The RTM release of Exchange 2010 doesn’t work with these web parts. They  show […]

  • Search for Commands Using Command Line Tools

    Command line management on SharePoint 2007 is handled by STSADM.EXE, and on 2010 by PowerShell commandlets. There are so many options it is hard to keep track. Using the command line on 2007, the first step to easy access to these commands is to add the path to the executable (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server […]

  • Issues Running WordPress on IIS7

    In my previous post, Why I Chose WordPress for My Site, I covered why I am using WordPress. WordPress typically runs on Apache, but since my host is a .NET hosting company, I am on IIS7. Overall this was not a problem, but I ran into one gotcha with custom permalinks. If you are running […]

  • Why I Chose WordPress for My Site

    I recently launched my website and blog here at using WordPress. This post describes the options I considered and I hope it helps you if you are considering what technology to use for your own site. Initially I evaluated Microsoft Office Live Small Business. They advertise free website hosting, and I was curious to […]

  • Welcome!

    Hi Everyone, This blog covers my experiences as a SharePoint architect and developer, and other related technologies I encounter along the way. Thanks for reading!