Emergency Response

Elworth Consulting LLC now has experienced engineers available around the clock to get you up and running quickly. Getting us involved is simple, quick, and risk free.

  • Contact us at 408-823-8695 to verify engineer availability
  • Send a payment of $995 to allow the engineer to begin work immediately, credit card required
  • $995 gets you 4 hours of a senior engineer’s time to fix your issue, most problems are fixed in this time frame, and you and your customers are back in business
  • You will be fully informed of progress as the engineer works through the issue
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: It is rare, but in case the issue is unresolved after 4 hours, and you are not completely satisfied with the progress up to this point, you have the option to have your funds immediately refunded, at which point work will stop
  • If the issue is not resolved after 4 hours of work, the engineer will provide a detailed estimate of what additional work is required to achieve resolution

Helpful Tips

In order to provide the best possible service, please have the following ready for the engineer

  • Remote access. Some method of desktop sharing is required. If necessary the engineer will provide a service
  • Required accounts. The engineer will require access to accounts with rights sufficient to troubleshoot and resolve the issue
  • System diagrams and documentation. The engineer will require system diagrams and all available documentation pertinent to the issue to get up to speed most quickly

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