SharePoint 2010 My Inbox and My Calendar Web Parts

If you are having problems with the My Inbox and My Calendar web parts on SharePoint 2010, and you are using Exchange 2010, check for these potential issues:

  1. Have you deployed Exchange SP1 on your CAS server hosting Outlook Web App? The RTM release of Exchange 2010 doesn’t work with these web parts. They  show HTTP error 400 after you authenticate.
  2. Are you getting forms based authentication, or are you being prompted by your browser for authentication? You will want to configure an instance of OWA which uses Windows integrated authentication. I will describe this in more detail below.

Create a new OWA instance

  1. Create a new web site in IIS. If you want to use SSL for the existing and new OWA, you will need a new IP for the Exchange server. IIS cannot route SSL traffic based on host headers.
  2. In the Exchange management shell, run this PowerShell Cmdlet
    > New-OWAVirtualDirectory -Name <owa name> -WebSiteName <name of site created in step 1>
  3. In the Exchange management console, configure the new OWA for integrated authentication.
  4. Run iisreset

Check the new OWA site directly from a browser. If you are prompted by the browser for authentication:

  • make sure you configured OWA properly in step 3 above
  • make sure your browser supports integrated authentication
  • if using IE, check that the URL you are using is in the Local Intranet zone

Once the OWA app opens without authentication, use the same URL in the web part on SharePoint.