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  • Make SharePoint Designer 2013 ISO from Executable (EXE)

    In virtualized environments it is common to install software from mounted ISOs, however with SharePoint Designer (2013 and 2010) Microsoft provides only self-contained executables, such as from their public download site: (This is the link to the 2013 RTM release, not the preview versions) I will give you the steps I use to create […]

  • Don’t mix up your HTML and ASPX comments, and keep your code clean

    At a client recently I came across a strange problem with a 2007 page layout not working under SharePoint 2010. My troubleshooting uncovered many issues in the environment (with content types and page layout properties), but the root cause of the problem was a bug caused by the misuse of comments. The page layout had […]

  • SharePoint Branding Article

    I have authored an article on SharePoint branding which has recently been published in Coyote Creek’s October 2011 Newsletter. Check out my article and Mike Faster’s poignant take on off-shoring. The SharePoint article is based on my experience including recent projects at Silicon Image Inc., Rosendin Electric Inc., and Trimble Navigation Limited. I would like […]

  • Managing SharePoint 2010 Access Request Settings Via PowerShell

    SharePoint has a built-in mechanism to manage access requests. Users can request access to sites and documents when they are denied access, or they can request additional privileges to update content if they only have read access. The requests go to one or more email addresses which are defined at the site level. The definitions […]

  • SharePoint 2010 SP1 has been released

    This morning Microsoft published SharePoint 2010 SP1 to their download sites. Many of the related TechNet sites haven’t been updated yet, but this link will take you to many of the downloads:

  • SharePoint 2010 My Inbox and My Calendar Web Parts

    If you are having problems with the My Inbox and My Calendar web parts on SharePoint 2010, and you are using Exchange 2010, check for these potential issues: Have you deployed Exchange SP1 on your CAS server hosting Outlook Web App? The RTM release of Exchange 2010 doesn’t work with these web parts. They¬† show […]

  • Search for Commands Using Command Line Tools

    Command line management on SharePoint 2007 is handled by STSADM.EXE, and on 2010 by PowerShell commandlets. There are so many options it is hard to keep track. Using the command line on 2007, the first step to easy access to these commands is to add the path to the executable (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server […]